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DeFreestville Fire Department

About Us

The Defreestville Fire Department was unofficially organized in 1944 following a fire in the Phillip’s Farmhouse on Route 4. This fire burned in the chimney for quite some time and legend says that as the fire burned just about everything was removed from the house, including the kitchen sink. Because of a severe snow storm and extreme cold temperatures, Pumper 4 from the City of Rensselaer FD froze up and apparatus from other neighboring communities were unable to make it over the impassable roads. A group of concerned residents got together to provide organized fire protection to the community, initially meeting in their homes. They equipped themselves with fire extinguishers and other fire fighting equipment and responded to calls for assistance in their private vehicles.

The DFD was formally incorporated in 1945 as a New York State Not for Profit Membership Corporation. Funds were raised to purchase a used oil delivery truck which was converted to fight fires. This first fire engine was stored at Jordan’s Dairy, where Valley View Boulevard now intersects with North Greenbush Road. Chet Jordan, the owner of the dairy was one of the organizers and became the second Fire Chief after the first Chief, Ed Rowe moved out of town. Through much hard work the current fire station was completed in 1946, that included a large dining hall, which for many years hosting countless fund raising events to further the goals of the fire department. DFD was assisted in these efforts by a Ladies Auxiliary, that still provides support today. The second fire truck was a World War 2 surplus crash/rescue fire engine purchased for $800.

Over the years additional apparatus was acquired, with the basement used to house 2 pieces of apparatus in the social room. The dining hall was converted to an engine room when the fire station was refurbished in 1984, Over the years, DFD established fire protection contracts with the Town of North Greenbush and North Greenbush Fire District # 1 to provide funds, along with those raised by the membership to continue provide first rate fire protection services to the ever growing community it serves. In 1981, DFD added EMS First Response to it’s responsibilities and was officially certified by the NYS Department of Health as a First Response Agency. DFD is proud of its heritage and honored to be able to carry on the legacy of those insightful individuals who saw the need and worked so hard to lay the lasting foundation of the organization. The 21st century presents a much different set of challenges. Emergency responses for many years totaled less than 100 calls annually and today exceed 500. They require the most sophisticated equipment available to properly protect residents, business and visitors.

Throughout 2009, combined efforts or the North Greenbush Fire District #1, Defreestville Fire Department, Wynantskill Fire Department and the Town of North Greenbush supported by a New York State Shared Municipal Services Grant succeeded in the annexation of the Defreestville Fire Protection District into the Fire District and Defreestville FD became a part North Greenbush Fire District # 1. This significant change in North Greenbush Fire Protection resulted in a tax savings for those residents in the fire protection district with minimal impact on the fire district finances. We continue to work closely with our brothers in the Wynantskill Fire Department to provide the best available emergency services throughout the Town of North Greenbush.

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